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The Fridababy Windi rectal catheter is a safe medical device designed to remove gases from the digestive system of babies. Instantly relieves gas and spikes. When used in accordance with the instructions, it does not irritate the rectal mucosa. Helps to avoid the use of pharmaceutical preparations. The Fridababa colic tube can be used from the first days of life.


Removal of gases from the excretory system in infants.

Incidentally, in the case of colic.

Usage method

Gently massage the baby's tummy clockwise downwards.

Grease the tip of the catheter.

Raise the baby's legs and prepare the diaper.

Gently insert the tip of the catheter into the anus.

Wait a dozen or so seconds until you hear gases leaking out.

Repeat if necessary.

After purging the gases, remove and discard the used catheter.

Important tips

Do not leave the Windi tube in your baby's anus.

Discard the tube after each treatment.

Reusing the same instrument may pose a risk of infection.

Do not use more than 3 times a day.