Vitis Baby +0, Toothbrush

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There are contraindications, before use, read the instructions and consult a doctor. The handle of the brush is made of polypropylene. Its size and shape are adapted for both the hand of an adult and a child. The handle is ergonomic, flexible and durable. It has anti-slip notches. The small cleaning head is optimally suited for comfortable cleaning of the gums and first teeth of a child from 0+ years old. The through hole on the handle of the toothbrush can be used to thread the tape and hold the toothbrush more comfortably in the child's hand when the child starts brushing his teeth on his own. The bristles of the brush are made of the latest generation Tynex® nylon. They are rounded and do not damage the tooth enamel and gum. Only 3% of moisture is retained on the fibers, which reduces the development of microorganisms on the surface of the brush. The 2 cm long brush head has a straight profile of the working part and a rounded tip. Thanks to this size and shape of the haircut, the brush is great for children and reduces the risk of damage to the gums and soft tissues if handled carelessly. The central bundles of bristles are painted in a bright purple color to accurately determine the amount of toothpaste or gel to be applied for brushing teeth. Technical Description Hardness: Very soft Age: 0+ Material: Polypropylene Complete brush