Vitis Aloe Vera Apple / Mint, Toothpaste, 100ml

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VITIS® aloe vera apple-mint flavoured is a daily-use toothpaste specially formulated to prevent caries, as it helps to provide comprehensive care for the mouth. It contains fluoride which remineralises enamel. VITIS® aloe vera apple-mint flavoured toothpaste provides comprehensive care of the mouth, teeth and gums. When used daily, it helps prevent the onset of tooth decay, as it helps to care for the whole of the oral cavity and has an antioxidant and enamel remineralising action. Its Vitamin E content also offers and antioxidant effect in the oral cavity. Furthermore, VITIS® aloe vera toothpaste has a mild apple-mint flavour, which together with the Xylitol in its formula, leaves a lasting fresh feeling after brushing.