Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Pouch 2018, Face Cream x 12820(3'sset)

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Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Baume densifieur (Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Nourishing balm that increases the density of the skin during menopause) for dry, sensitive skin during menopause.
Vichy Neovadiol Magistral Baume densifieur is a product that combines the technology of restoring skin tissues and the effect of healing natural oils. After 30 years of development in tissue engineering, Vichy Laboratory offers technologies that restore all layers of the skin in a short time, increase its density and elasticity, strengthen the supporting tissue. A complex of vegetable oils rich in Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids renews, soothes, protects and tones the epidermis. The skin is filled with vital energy, better resists external aggressions and aging factors. The balm softens, fights dryness and irritation, instantly returns a feeling of comfort. The rich texture of the product is quickly absorbed and does not leave a sticky or greasy film on the skin. The hypoallergenic formula has passed dermatological tests.