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Vichy Homme Anti-irritant, Gel

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Vichy Homme Anti-irritant gel is suitable for sensitive skin, it has a soothing effect, eliminates irritation, keeping the skin smooth and supple. The gel eliminates burning sensation prevents redness and creates an invisible protective film on the face. The gel contains bioceramic calcium, which promotes the renewal and division of skin cells. Vichy Homme Anti-irritant gel enhances protection, making the skin more resistant to shaving. This gel is suitable for all skin types. Recommended using after every shave. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and protected. With even distribution, the gel is absorbed instantly.


Vichy Homme Anti-irritant gel is recommended by the ePharmaCY medical store team in Cyprus. Use shaving gel in the morning or evening. Shake well before using. Store Vichy Homme Anti-irritant gel in a cool dark place. Keep out of children.


Ingredients list:

  • water;

  • stearic acid;

  • palmitic acid;

  • triethanolamine;

  • isobutane;

  • glycerin;

  • polysorbate 20;

  • cocamide mea;

  • butane;

  • dimethiconol stearate;

  • hydroxyapatite;

  • parfum;

  • lauryl betaine;

  • polyquaternium-7;

  • sodium chloride;

  • propane.


The gel advantages:

  1. Provides a comfortable shave.

  2. Soothes and moisturizes the skin.

  3. Has antibacterial properties.

  4. Restores the barrier-protective properties of the skin.

  5. Has a hypoallergenic formula.


Vichy Homme Anti-irritant gel was composed for daily shaving. Aftershave gel has softening and moisturizing effects, giving men a slight chill from the first seconds of use. Vitamins A and E which protect the skin from UV radiation will help to quickly eliminate the dryness of the epidermis. You will enjoy the Vichy Homme Anti-irritant gel price at the ePharmaCY store. You will not find a better place for online shopping in Cyprus.