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Uriage Deodorant, Roll-on, 50ml

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Uriage is the triple action ball deodorant, it provides reliable long-term protection against unpleasant smell and moisture. The product controls increased sweating, prevents the smell of sweat, has a beneficial effect on the skin, softens, and soothes. Uriage Deodorant has a light unobtrusive aroma and optimal consistency. The product guarantees an excellent result within 24 hours, does not stain clothes, or blocks the perfumes smells. The unique product formula is alcohol-free and is appropriate even for sensitive skin. This item will give the maximum comfort, and make you feel confident.


Uriage Deodorant is already available in Cyprus, at the ePharmaCY website. For using spray on clean and dry underarm skin. For enhancing the effect, use deodorant in the morning, and the evening. The deodorant is suitable for men and women; it does not contain any allergic components and may be used even in a case of sensitive skin. Bisabolol is a good anti-inflammatory element, helps to eliminate irritation.


Ingredients list:

  • aluminium chlorohydrate;
  • aqua;
  • butylene glycol;
  • aluminium chlorohydrate;
  • dimethicone;
  • triethyl citrate
  • steareth-2;
  • steareth-21;
  • parfum (fragrance);
  • propanediol;
  • Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6 Tetrasodium Edta;
  • ethylhexylglycerin;
  • Bisabolol;
  • butyl alcohol;
  • Rhamnose;
  • Glucuronic Acid;
  • Glucose.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Unique fragrance. At the same time, it does not neutralize the smell of perfume.
  2. Appropriate for dry skin. Uriage Thermal Water has a soothing effect, which is great for sensitive skin.
  3. Effective for 24 hours after use. Suitable for the active life position.
  4. Neutralizes odors. Aluminum hydrochloride 20% controls the process of perspiration.


Uriage deodorant blocks the unpleasant odor of sweat, while not clogging pores or disrupting oxygen exchange. The product does not irritate delicate sensitive skin, contains useful microelements, and provides delicate dermis care. It comfortably spreads over the skin due to the comfortable ball. If you need to order the Uriage Deodorant in Cyprus, you are welcome to the ePharmaCY service. We save your time and energy.