Sterimar – Stop & Protect Cold, Flu & Sinusitis 20ml Nasal Spray

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STÉRIMARTM Stop & Protect Cold & Sinus Relief is scientifically proven to immediately unblock and relieve nasal passages. The hypertonic solution with a base of 100% natural seawater creates a natural osmotic effect to gently draw and drain even thick mucus, allowing you to breathe more naturally and helping prevent secondary infection*.

Our patented formula, inspired by nature provides long lasting hydration and forms a protective invisible film on the nasal lining. This helps to strengthen the nose’s barrier function and rapidly helps neutralise germs responsible for colds, helping protect you from future infection.

Made with 100% natural purified sea water based formula, enriched in sea minerals with added copper and eucalyptus oil. STÉRIMARTM Stop & Protect also helps to fight colds and secondary infections by washing away nasal cavities. STÉRIMARTM Stop & Protect Cold and Sinus Relief is drug, steroid and preservative free. It is suitable for pregnant women, breast feeding mothers and children from 3 years and up.

*by washing out nasal cavities.