Solgar Vitamin C, Vegicaps, 100 x 500mg

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Solgar vitamin C 500 mg is a biologically active supplement (dietary supplement) to food in the form of capsules, which contains a high concentration of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for the health of the skin, bones, joints, because it participates in the production of collagen, a structural protein of connective tissue. It participates in the metabolism of amino acids, the synthesis of neurotransmitters, promotes the absorption of many nutrients, such as magnesium, calcium, folic acid and iron. It helps to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system.
Solgar Vitamin C 500 mg capsules are easy to use
Adults take 1 capsule a day with meals. The duration of admission is 1 month.
Capsules are also suitable for vegans. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.