Solgar L-carnitine Lemon Flavour, Liquid, 473ml x 1500mg

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— control of hypoglycemia;
— strengthens the heart muscle;
— reduces the risk of myocardial infarction.
L-carnitine is synthesized from two essential amino acids: L-lysine and L-methionine, for which the body must contain sufficient amounts of vitamins C, B3, B6 and iron.
The most important function of L-carnitine is to promote the conversion of large fat molecules into energy. With a lack of L-carnitine, most of the fats are not burned and accumulate in the cells, and they continue to participate in circulation in the form of triglycerides or fats.
With regular exercise and taking L-carnitine, a significant amount of fat can be burned.
L-carnitine protects the heart. The conducted studies demonstrate an increase in endurance and an increase in the duration of physical activity in patients with cardiovascular diseases.