Solgar Beta Carotene, Softgels, 60 x 7mg

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Capsules "Beta-carotene from the oceanic algae D.Salina" are recommended as an additional source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is not synthesized in the human body. Being an essential micronutrient, it is necessary for normal life. Due to the ability of beta–carotene to accumulate in the skin, the need for additional intake increases in summer and when visiting a solarium to create an even and healthy tan. "Beta-carotene from the oceanic algae D.Salina" is a natural product derived from the oceanic algae D.Salina, contains a mixture of carotenoids that increase the activity of beta-carotene.

Beta-carotene is referred to as Pro-Vitamin A because it is converted into Vitamin A as the body requires it. This phytonutrient is an antioxidant and an essential nutrient for healthy vision, skin health and immune system support. This formulation utilizes naturally sourced, oceanic beta-carotene derived from the algae D. salina. It is offered in oil-based softgels to promote optimal absorption and assimilation.

As a dietary supplement for adults, take one (1) softgel daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Beta carotene plays an important role in your health and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to get it into your diet.

Beta carotene is a plant pigment that gives red, orange, and yellow vegetables their vibrant color. It is considered a provitamin A carotenoid, meaning that the body can convert it into vitamin A (retinol).

Additionally, beta carotene has powerful antioxidant properties.Apart from being a natural coloring agent, it is rich in anti-oxidants, provides photoprotection, brightens skin tone, and increases cell turnover.

Beta-carotene helps reduce the oxidative stress all this light puts on our eyes. Our bodies also convert it into vitamin A, so it has similar benefits to eye and immune health. And while it won't give you super night vision, it actually can sharpen your ability to see in darkness a little.
The name is derived from the Latin word for carrot. Beta carotene was discovered by the scientist Heinrich Wilhelm Ferdinand Wackenroder, who crystallized it from carrots in 1831.
According to research, just 30 mg a day of beta carotene supplement has been demonstrated to boost collagen production and prevent and repair aging skin.