You have never held such a cosmeceutical product in your hands! For the first time using it, you will understand that you have never been so good in the shower!

A balanced complex of 9 most valuable algaeunique extracts, betaine, trehalose, sorbitol, citric acid, urea and a first-class frother protect the skin from the dehydrating effects of chlorinated water and accelerate the regeneration processes.

Effectively struggling with the violation of pH-balance caused by damage to the protective lipid layer of the skin. Have an immediate lymphatic drainage effect.

This is a scarce delicacy, not a shower gel! Very mild surfactant based on HYDROLYZED PROTEIN AMARANTH does not have irritating and sensitizing effects. Gently cleanses the skin without damaging the protective lipid layer at all. Provides conditioning, softening and moisturizing action.

LITOTAMNIUM CALCAREUM consists of minerals on 95%, and saturates the skin with them. Due to the high input in the recipe of this algae, the Gelel is ideal for owners even hypersensitive skin.

ASPARAGOPSIS ARMAT has a protective effect and fights free radicals.

PORPHIRE BLADE contains unsaturated fatty acids, beta-carotene, proteins, iodine, polysaccharides. Increases the resistance of the skin to all types of aggressive effects.

BLUE-GREEN ALGAE ALGAE (AFA) is a source of vitamins of group B. Soothes the skin, contributing to the improvement of skin elasticity and strength.

KELP is rich in valuable elements in a bioavailable form, thanks to which it has moisturizing, nourishing, toning and antioxidant properties.

PINNATE UNDARIA actives emollient combating moderate pigmentation, safely lightening and leveling skin color.

UREA is one of the most powerful moisturizing ingredients, markedly improving the hydration of the skin.

BETAIN is a component of the natural moisturizing factor, which presents in the skin. It contributes to the normalization of water-lipid and water-mineral balance of the skin. It relieves irritation and peeling of a different nature.

SORBITOL reduces moisture loss, hydrating it due to environmental factors.

LEMON ACID thoroughly cleanses the skin, providing a mild peeling effect.

LANABLUE blue algae extract from alpine lakes of Canada. Possesses retinol-like action (regenerating), softens and levels the skin surface.

NATURAL SURFACTANTS promote the formation of soft foam and provide a delicate cleansing of the most sensitive skin without damaging the lipid layer.


How to use: Apply a small amount of gel on the body and foam, enjoying its aroma and touch to your body. Then rinse thoroughly with comfortable cool water. Suitable for daily use.