SEA SALT – a natural environmentally friendly mineral containing biologically active substances, macro- and microelements in an ideal ratio balanced by nature itself. It provides countless beneficial effects on the skin and body of both adults and babies from birth.

Regular bathing with natural sea salt:

– has a beneficial effect on the skin, giving it firmness and elasticity;

– does not cause allergic reactions and rashes;

– thoroughly cleans, eliminating irritations, atopic dermatitis and peeling of various kinds;

– gently exfoliates, renewing and rejuvenating;

– significantly increases the drainage effect;

– improves microcirculation and increases tone;

– softens coarsened areas;

– has antimicrobial and antifungal effects;

– significantly reduces the inflammatory process and accelerates the regeneration process;

– restores the mineral and water balance of the skin surface;

– has relaxing and calming effects;

– relieves fatigue and stress after an active day;

– normalizes and provides a good night’s sleep.