Mason Pearson

Pocket Hairbrush "Child"(Pink or Blue) Pure Bristle CB4

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5 rings of fine Boar Bristle Tufts. For ages 3-6 years.
(one length of bristle only)

The unique rubber-cushion pad, made by hand using Mason Pearson's original techniques, allows for effective and efficient brushing. It is kind to use and massages the scalp.

Product Advice

As these are hand made, supply is limited. If there is going to be a delay in dispatch we will endeavour to let you know when we expect delivery.

Mason Pearson build their products to last as long as possible. While they cannot make indestructible products, they use the best materials available so that, with a little care, they should give good service.

They try to make improvements continuously and have developed their own special nylon and take particular care in their selection of natural bristles to use the best combination for each brush.