Give your newborn baby nothing but the best from the very start. PHYSIOMER Unidoses! PHYSIOMER Unidoses cleanse, moisturise and clear the nasal fossae: they are the must-have solution for gently cleansing baby's tiny nose, nostrils, eyes and eyelids.

PHYSIOMER Unidoses can be used to:


Improve breathing :+45% [1]

Prevent ENT complications (otitis, bronchiolitis) [1]


Cut incidence of colds by half [1]

Remove dust, allergens, pollution and pathogens (viruses, bacteria)

Facilitate nose blowing by making it more natural and pleasant.

For Who?

 For babies from birth

For What?

Blocked nose, Runny nose, Cold, Rhinopharyngitis, Daily hygiene

If baby's little nose is really very blocked, use PHYSIOMER Baby Mist with the PHYSIOMER Nasal Aspirator. You will be able to more effectively clear the build-up of secretions blocking his or her little nose.