Otosan For Tuss is a syrup for treating different types of cough. The remedy is based on manuka-honey which provides moisturizing and restoring the mucous membrane. Moreover, this component helps to get rid of different viruses and bacteria. Organic wildflower honey contains a huge amount of nutrients for supporting numerous human body functions. Otosan For Tuss syrup is used for effective treating pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, cough (especially in children and the elderly). The remedy also helps to cope with the symptoms of traumatic and colds iritis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, emphysema.


Put the Otosan For Tuss syrup to your ePharmaCY online shopping cart. Take 10 ml of the remedy 2-4 times a day. Children from two to four years old should take only 5 ml. The last portion of the syrup must be taken right before sleeping. Make sure that you closed the bottle well after using it.


Ingredients list:

  • Sucrose;

  • Honey;

  • Aqua;

  • Plantago major leaf extract;

  • Grindelia robusta extract;

  • Helichrysum italicum extract;

  • Potassium sorbate;

  • Manuka honey;

  • Xanthan gum;

  • Aroma;

  • Citrus Limon fruit oil; 

  • Acacia Senegal gum;

  • Myrtus communis leaf oil;

  • Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Has the film-forming and fluidifying action.

  2. Soothes irritation.

  3. Effective in treating virus diseases.

  4. Has a neutral taste and flavor.

  5. Does not contain alcohol.


Otosan For Tuss is based on the orange essential oil, extract of grindelia, and manuka-honey which help to smooth the irritated mucosa. Does not cause a detrimental effect on the digestive tract. Moreover, the extract of helichrysum has a film-forming and fluidifying action. Ordering Otosan For Tuss is possible right now at the ePharmaCY. It is your chance to get the best service in Cyprus.