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Orthomol Sport Vials, Vials, 30

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Orthomol Sport Vials is the vitamin complex for the stabilization of the energy metabolism process. This remedy helps to resist overloads, strengthens immunity, and produces a positive effect on the body general condition. Taurino amino acid affects metabolism, improves vision, reduces nervous excitability, restores liver function, and promotes wounds healing. Carotenoids, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, and vitamin E protect body tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals and strengthen immunity. B vitamins are responsible for the cardiovascular system health. Taurine, L-carnitine, nicotinamide participate in the carbohydrates and fats metabolism, fill the body with energy.


To get Orthomol Sport Vials in Cyprus, use the ePharmaCY website. Take 1 bottle and 1 pill a day. Shake a bottle off before using, and take it with or after a meal; the pill must be used with juice or water. Orthomol Sport is necessary for strengthening the body, providing the right amount of micronutrients, and accelerating recovery, The complex was developed in Germany by the best specialists, taking into account the high requirements for nutrients, and contains the right proportion of nutrients for well-being.


Ingredients list:

  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin B2;
  • vitamin B6;
  • vitamin B12;
  • calcium;
  • selenium;
  • magnesium;
  • zink;
  • chromium;
  • copper;
  • iodine;
  • molybdenum;
  • taurine;
  • carotenoids;
  • nicotinamide;
  • folic acid;
  • pantothenic acid;
  • L-carnitine;
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • biotin.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Complex action. Coenzyme Q10 maintains the condition of the muscular system at the required level.
  2. No harmful effects on the digestive system. Potassium promotes the production of glycogen by breaking down carbohydrates.
  3. Main nutrients for intense sports. Vitamin B, zink, and iron affect the production of red blood cells.
  4. Convenient package. You may take Orthomol Sport Vials anywhere.



Professional or amateur sports, as well as an active lifestyle, give people a good mood because at such moments the production of endorphins is being stimulated. At the same time, we need to meet the requirements for nutrition and maintaining an optimal balance of vitamins and microelements. You may find the Orthomol Sport Vials at the ePharmaCY medical store. The best price and quick delivery are guaranteed. Note: Lanes Xtra Energy Eff, Efferv. Tabl, 20 could also be interesting to you.