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Orthomol Immun 7 Drinkable Vials

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Orthomol Immun 7 Drinkable Vials is a supplement indicated for the dietary management of immune deficiencies of nutritional origin. For example, for recurrent respiratory infections.

This supplement comes in a box of 7 vials, of which each unit includes two tablets to be taken together with the vial (one of folic acid and one of iodine).

Recommended for special medical uses.

Instructions for use

Take the contents of one drinkable vial daily with the tablets during or after a meal. Shake well before use.



Pharmaceutical Advice

Zinc has great benefits for the immune system, hair and skin. It is a trace mineral, meaning that the body needs it but in small amounts.

It is an important supplement for DNA synthesis, cell growth, protein synthesis, healing of damaged tissues and supports a healthy immune system.

It also promotes keratin and collagen synthesis, so it helps to prevent premature hair aging and even protects hair pigmentation. It also helps to strengthen hair and nails.
Include it in your diet by eating meat, fish, seafood (especially oysters), nuts, whole grains, pulses and/or milk.

A varied and balanced diet is usually enough to maintain a good level of zinc; supplementation is only recommended in cases of deficiency.


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