Guam Scented Massage Oil ENERGY is the massage treatment for the body with a citrus and vitalizing fragrance that combines the benefits of GUAM Seaweed with the stimulating properties of precious essential oils of ORANGE, MANDARIN, CEDAR WOOD.

It gives the skin a pleasant feeling of well-being, making it radiant, toned and younger looking.

Guam Seaweed Extract: rich in firming active ingredients, it also has a moisturizing and anti-free radical function

Rice Oil: activates collagen production by restoring the skin's natural hydration

Organic Jojoba Oil: revitalizes, regenerates and soothes irritated skin leaving it smooth and silky

Limnanthes alba oil: promotes skin hydration, excellent emollient and elasticizing of the skin. In synergy with vitamin E, to obtain an effective anti-aging action

Shea Butter: thanks to the presence of unsaponifiable substances, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, making the skin more elastic and toned

Green tea oil: rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants useful for neutralizing free radicals. Excellent for lymphatic drainage which improves the elimination of toxins

Pink Pepper Oil: its precious activity during massage improves blood circulation and diuresis

Vitamin E and F

How to use

Massage the oil into the skin until completely absorbed.

Massage oil is a cosmetic treatment that can be used alone or also aimed at completing the action of the scrub with which dead cells have been eliminated from the skin, to stimulate the natural skin renewal process. After the scrub, the skin is much more receptive and prepared for subsequent treatments, thus allowing it to better assimilate the active ingredients and benefit to the maximum from all the functional properties.