Shampoo eliminates dandruff and oily shine, has anti-inflammatory and healing effects. White lupine extract slows down root aging and awakens dormant follicles. 3 types of algae gently cleanse the scalp and increase the strength of the hair. Vitamin and mineral complex normalize the microcirculation of the scalp and helps to restore damaged areas of the hair.

WATER Artesian drinking water is used for all products of ILONA LUNDEN, that complies with GOST R 55684-2013 “Drinking water”. Water passes through 4 stages of purification: deironing, softening, decontamination and reverse osmosis.

WHITE LUPIN EXTRACT is the main active ingredient is shampoo growth stimulating. A beneficial effect on the life cycle of hair, effectively fights with all types of alopecia. The extract intensifies microcirculation in the hair roots, awakens dormant hair follicles, effectively increases the rate of oxygen transfer to the hair roots. Slows down the processes of aging and atrophy of hair follicles caused by the activity of 5a-reductase.

VITAMIN B15 saves from breakage and stimulates hair growth. Protects hair from aggressive environmental influences.

VITAMIN B6 eliminates itchy scalp and is an excellent prevention of dandruff.

VITAMIN E intensively nourishes hair and roots, which returns them an attractive silkiness.

FUKUS (BROWN SEA WEED) contains iodine, iron salts, polysaccharides, vitamins A, B, C, D, E. The complex of valuable biologically active substances contained in the extract of fucus, restores protective mechanisms, stimulates blood circulation and the process of renewal of skin cells, regulates acid-base and water balance, which greatly improves the condition of the skin and hair roots. Algae amino acids and polysaccharides contribute to the restoration of hair elasticity and shine. It has a softening, regenerating, protective effect on the skin.

VITAMIN PP intensively nourishes, making hair more elastic, which facilitates combing and significantly strengthens the structure. Prevents hair aging.

HEAT OIL has a softening effect on the skin and enhances the regenerating functions of the skin. Chamomile has a disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.
Accelerates the processes of regeneration and healing of tissues.

MENTHOL is refreshing.

SALICYLIC ACID normalizes the sebaceous glands, removes dandruff, strengthens hair and promotes their growth. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and healing effects.

SAGE (Salvia gen.) due to the antiseptic effect on the scalp, it helps to cure dandruff, seborrhea, various skin diseases of the head and even alopecia. Prevents hair loss and baldness, reduces sweating.

WAKAMA ALGAE actively moisturizes and softens, improves elasticity.

SEA KALE from the family of corallines smoothes the skin surface, exfoliates dead cells, stimulates microcirculation of the blood. It replenishes the deficiency of calcium, magnesium, iron, trace elements.

GLYCEROL stimulates the exfoliation of dead cells, provides moisture to the hair, protecting them from dryness and high temperatures during styling.

LACTIC ACID AND WHEAT PROTEIN moisturize the hair fiber, allowing it to deeplyabsorb the right amount of moisture without forming a film. Restore dry split ends of long hair.

SILICON strengthens the root and is an excellent prevention of hair loss.

SOY PROTEIN helps to restore shine and elasticity of hair.

MINT peppery tones and absorbs the scalp.

Apply shampoo to scalp and hair well moistened with water, gently massage the skin for about 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.
(!) Natural shampoos, regardless of the company, do not interact with synthetic balms
and masks and are always selected for the type of scalp.
(!) A vegetable foaming agent is used in the shampoo, which does not give abundant