Now True Calm food supplement is a combination of amino acids and their cofactor nutrients designed to support the normal production and functioning of anti-anxiety neurotransmitters in the brain. The medicine contains glycine, two amino acids that promote a relaxed state of mind; and taurine, an amino acid with calming properties. Added to these substances is valerian, which is known to interact with GABA receptors in the nervous system. Now True Calm food supplement is recommended for restoring mineral reserves in the body. The main advantage of the remedy is activating the energy processes of the brain and improves blood supply.


ePharmaCY is the online store in Cyprus where you can buy the Now Acetyl-l-carnitine food supplement. Take one capsule 1-3 times a day. It is highly recommended to take the food supplement before meals. Consult your physician in the case of pregnancy or nursing. The remedy improves the utilization of glucose by the brain and the removal of toxic metabolic products from it.


Ingredients list:

  • niacin;

  • vitamin B6;

  • magnesium;

  • gamma-aminobutyric acid;

  • glycine;

  • taurine;

  • inositol;

  • valerian root.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Relieves agitation and has a calming effect, it can be taken as a tranquilizer, but without the risk of becoming addictive.

  2. Maintains clarity of mind, increases mental performance, thinking productivity, improves memory, has a beneficial effect.

  3. Normalizes the sleep cycle, has a calming effect.

  4. Has a mild hypotensive effect, reduces high blood pressure, and the severity of symptoms caused by hypertension.

  5. Increases the level of growth hormone.


Now True Calm food supplement reduces the glucose levels and reduces vegetative-vascular disorders. Taking remedy course contributes to reducing psychoemotional stress, aggressiveness, conflict, normalizing mood, increasing social adaptation. Moreover, special components increase mental performance. To get the Now True Calm, you just have to visit the ePharmaCY website. Here are the best conditions for buying different food supplements in Cyprus.