White lupine extract slows down root aging and awakens dormant follicles. The complex of 5 vitamins, 2 types of proteins and silicon strengthens and moisturizes the hair, facilitating the restoration of damaged areas.

Экстракт белого люпина замедляет старение корня и пробуждает спящие фолликулы. Комплекс из 5 витаминов2 видов белков и кремния укрепляет и увлажняет волосы, способствуя реставрации поврежденных участков.

WHITE PROTEIN effectively restores the “split” tips of the hair and envelops, protecting it from cross-section during friction and sticking.

WHITE LUPIN EXTRACT is the main active ingredient is shampoo growth stimulating. A beneficial effect on the life cycle of hair, effectively fights with all types of alopecia.
The extract intensifies microcirculation in the hair roots, awakens dormant hair follicles, effectively increases the rate of oxygen transfer to the hair roots. Slows down the
processes of aging and atrophy of hair follicles caused by the activity of 5a-reductase.

SILICON penetrates deep to the root, strengthens it and is an excellent prevention of hair loss.

VITAMIN C actively participates in the process of blood supply, in particular, it supports the work of capillaries.

VITAMIN B3 is an excellent prevention of early gray hair, as it is responsible for the formation of pigment.

VITAMIN B6 eliminates itchy scalp and is an excellent prevention of dandruff.

VITAMIN E strengthens and moisturizes the hair. Restores damaged and dried areas, prevents their fragility and enhances shine.

Apply shampoo to scalp and hair well moistened with water, gently massage the skin for about 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.
(!) Natural shampoos, regardless of the brand, do not interact with synthetic balms and masks and are always selected for the type of scalp.
(!) A vegetable foaming agent is used in the shampoo, which does not give abundant foam.