Nivea Deo Men Dry Impact 48h, Deodorant Spray x 150ml

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  •  Powerful protection tested in real life situations
  •  Dual Active formula with 2 anti-perspirant actives
  •  For a long-lasting dry feeling
  •  Reliable 48h anti-perspirant protection that cares for your skin


NIVEA MEN Dry Impact Anti-Perspirant offers you powerful protection tested in real life situations. No matter if you’re taking an exam, rushing to work or going to the gym – your skin will stay dry, all day. The Dual Active formula with two anti-perspirant actives provides you with a long-lasting, dry feeling. The anti-perspirant offers reliable 48 hour protection that cares for your skin. Clean and inviting, an aromatic fresh blend of tangy citrus and herbal notes, the Dry Impact fragrance is designed for men who want maximum protection with reassuring masculine codes, a virile fragrance with no compromise. The skin tolerance of this anti-perspirant has been dermatologically proven.