Nivea Cool Kick For Men, Deodorant Spray, 150ml

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Experience an explosion of freshness together with the new antiperspirant NIVEA MEN Fresh Kick with cactus vodka in a stylish design in the spray format. Antiperspirant will give you a feeling of invigorating freshness, a persistent aroma and reliable protection from sweat and odor for 48 hours. The new NIVEA MEN Fresh Kick provides not only freshness, but also confidence and comfort for the whole day. An unusual component of the new antiperspirant is cactus water, which together with other ingredients gives a feeling of freshness from NIVEA MEN Fresh Kick like after a shower on a hot day! Protect yourself from sweat, forget about unpleasant odor and irritation, instead feel clean after each application. Be naturally fresh with NIVEA MEN Fresh Kick!