Nervocalm Sen caps is the food supplement with melatonin and melissa. Lemon Balm Leaf Extract helps reduce nervous tension and maintain a good mood; hop extract has a relaxing effect. Passionflower extract supports soothing and relaxing sleep, and melatonin reduces the time, necessary for falling asleep. Aside from that, Nervocalm Sen caps help relieve pain and discomfort, improve memory. As far as the remedy is based on melissa, it is recommended for treating gout, anemia, gum disease, dizziness, tinnitus, and general weakness. This food supplement is useful for those who want to lose weight.


ePharmaCY is the online store in Cyprus where you can buy the Nervocalm Sen caps. 1 capsule should be taken before sleep. The remedy is not recommended for pregnant, nursing women, and all those who have allergic reactions to the components of the food supplement. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage. Store at room temperature.


Ingredients list:

  • leaf extract balm;

  • hop cones 200 mg extract;

  • passion herb;

  • melatonin.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Causes a relaxing effect.

  2. Has an immediate action.

  3. Relieves depression symptoms.

  4. Contributes to the deep sleep.

  5. Helps prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system.


Nervocalm Sen capsules have a relaxing effect, which is necessary for the whole body. As a result, contained components support both physical and psychological health. The food supplement is recommended both for men and women. To get the Nervocalm Sen, you just have to visit the ePharmaCY website. Here are the best conditions for buying different food supplements in Cyprus.