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Naturando Tussil Syrup, 200ml

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Naturando Tussil Syrup stimulates the immune system, blocks free radicals, and prevents cancer development. The food supplement is based on licorice which contains glycyrrhizic acid. It takes part in the production of the hormone progestogen in the body. Naturando Tussil Syrup also leads to losing subcutaneous fat. Moreover, the syrup is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and hemostatic agent. It regulates and normalizes gastric secretion, causes an antispasmodic effect. The remedy is based on the components which have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and wound-healing properties.


If you need to get the Naturando Tussil syrup fast, order it at the ePharmaCY medical store. Take 10 ml of the remedy two or three times a day. The children should use 5 ml or 10 ml 1-2 times a day. The food supplement causes the expectorant, diuretic, antisclerotic and antispasmodic action. May be used both as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent.


Ingredients list:

  • Plantain;

  • Licorice a.e.;

  • Grindelia;

  • Grindelia a.e.;

  • Common Sundew;

  • Plantain a.e.;

  • Common Poppy;

  • Common Poppy a.e.;

  • Common Mullein;

  • Common Sundew a.e.;

  • Blackcurrant;

  • Common Mullein a.e.;

  • Black Alder;

  • Ivy a.e.;

  • Common Hornbeam;

  • Blackcurrant h.e.;

  • Licorice;

  • Black Alder h.e.;

  • Ivy;

  • Common Hornbeam h.e.;

  • Pine;

  • Star Anise e.o.;

  • Grapefruit seeds;

  • Pine e.o.;

  • Star Anise;

  • Grapefruit seeds d.e.


The remedy advantages:

  1. May be used in a case of low blood pressure, metabolic diseases.

  2. Inhibits the growth of microbacterium tuberculosis.

  3. Stimulates the immune system.

  4. Contains a significant amount of zinc.

  5. Participates in the reproduction of white blood cells.


Naturando Tussil Syrup is recommended for strengthening immunity. Besides, the remedy lowers blood pressure and prevents blood clots. The syrup may be used by children as far as it does not contain alcohol. Ordering Naturando Tussil syrup is possible right now at the ePharmaCY. It is your chance to get the best service in Cyprus.