Myelementsa Omeganeed syrup contains cod liver oil, Omega 3 fatty acids, which are traditionally used to shield and stimulate health. Omega 3 essential fatty acids have tremendous benefits and play an important role in multiple functions of our body. After combining with other ingredients like vitamin D3 or vitamin E, cod liver oil cause even stronger effect. First of all, it helps maintain a normal cardiovascular system. Myelementsa Omeganeed syrup strengthens the immune system, and helps maintain normal triglyceride and cholesterol (HDL) levels, enhances the smooth functioning of the brain and vision. Taking this product also provides the antioxidant effect.


Ordering Myelementsa Omeganeed syrup is possible right now: you can purchase it at the ePharmaCY medical store in Cyprus. This food supplement is suitable both for children and adults; does not have any fish aftertaste, neutral in taste. Children 3 to 12 years should take 2.5ml daily with food, adults should take 5ml every day with food. One of the special features is that the product has a recycling packaging. Besides, the form of syrup is easy for swallowing.


Ingredients list:

  • cod liver oil with Omega 3 acids;
  • EPA;
  • DHA;
  • vitamin D3;
  • vitamin A.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Maintains cardiovascular health.
  2. Enhances bone and tooth health.
  3. Helps to smooth brain function and vision.
  4. Helps to stimulate the immune system.
  5. Suitable for the whole family.



Omeganeed Cod liver oil is also available in liquid form for those who prefer this form, to receive the valuable benefits of cod liver oil. Omeganeed Cod liver oil comes from the cold and unpolluted waters of Iceland, is free of heavy metals, and contains no preservatives or genetically modified organisms ingredients. ePharmaCY is the place where you can buy Mourinol Syr without any overpayments. Besides, the order will be delivered in great condition anywhere in Cyprus.