Moisturizing Tonic fully restores organic pH and fills the skin with 24 natural ingredients that protect cells from microstress caused by the negative effects of a polluted environment. In addition, it neutralizes the effects of hard water on the surface layers of the skin (removes magnesium and calcium salts, which are delayed after rinsing with tap water).

COMPLEX OF LOW-MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID, BRAZIL NUT OIL, BETAINE, PROPANEDIOL, PANTHENOL, BIOTIN, and UREA is a powerful moisturizing unit of natural origin. It instantly eliminates dryness, peeling and irritation of the skin.

 BULGARIAN ROSЕ EXTRACT stimulates regeneration and normalizes the sebaceous gland function.

CORNFLOWER, LAVENDER, NEROLI, ROMAN CHAMOMILE, and LIME EXTRACT WATERS nourish, even out and improve the skin tone, have antiseptic and soothing effects.

BLUEBERRY, SUGARCANE, LICORICE ROOT, CHICORY LEAF, ORANGE AND LEMON EXTRACTS protect against negative environmental effects, eliminate inflammation and narrow pores.

 VITAMINS E, PP, B6, B3, B5 AND SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE act as a strong nourishing complex that helps to increase the density and strength of the skin.

MENTHOL gives the skin freshness and healthy radiance thanks to its cooling effect.

APPLICATION METHOD: Apply the toner every morning and evening to cleansed skin, neck and décolleté with a cotton pad or finger pads in gentle circular motions.
In case of eye contact, rinse with water.