Due to the richness of the recipe, the cream provides extremely deep penetration and maximum preservation of moisture levels that can withstand any dehydrating effects (insolation, air conditioners, heaters, wind, etc.). Its precious composition includes some of the most powerful natural hydrates: hyaluronic acid, galacto-arabinan, panthenol, glycerin, mannan, urea and trehalose. A carefully selected complex of 8 natural extracts, 4 oils, enzymes, flower distillates and vitamins improves the skin condition day by day, making it attractively velvety and childish.

GALACTOARABINAN and LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID are powerful moisturizing ingredients with tonic and lifting properties.

PUERARIA MIRIFICA and CENTELLA ASIATICA LEAF EXTRACT enhance skin elasticity and strength, which is especially valuable for the décolleté and thighs and arms inner surface.

MANNAN and TREHALOSE are natural polysaccharides, which markedly increase hydration and skin tightness.

ENZYME FILTRATE OF BACILLUS, SOYA BEANS and FOLIC ACID in combination with TOCOPHEROL not only helps to maintain the natural water balance and restore metabolic processes, but also makes the skin radiant and more toned.

ORANGE, LEMON, SUGAR CANE and BILBERRY EXTRACTS are the source of natural AHA-acids. They promote skin renewal and even out its tone.

PANTHENOL instantly eliminates dryness, returning skin smoothness and velvety.


JOJOBA and MACADAMIA OILS and SHEA BUTTER maintain the integrity of the lipid barrier, protecting against moisture loss and increasing skin elasticity.

LINDEN BLOSSOM, WHEAT and RYE EXTRACTS soften and prevent discomfort caused by dryness. UREA gently exfoliates and deeply moisturizes, being one of the best remedies for keratinization and excessive dryness of elbows, knees, hands and feet.

As a cream: in the morning and evening apply to clean, dry skin of the body and gently massage the treated area until the moisturizing composition is completely absorbed.

As a mask: after using body scrub, apply a thick layer on skin areas that require additional moisturizing. Wrap the application and keep it for 30–45 minutes. Upon completion of the spa procedure, remove the remnants with a dry towel. Does not require rinsing.