Medi Bear Multivitamin Forte, Jellies, 60

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KIDS MULTIVITAMIN GUMMIES : These delicious multivitamin gummies for kids contains essential vitamins Like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 And Vitamin B12 & Minerals Like Iron, Zinc, Magnesium etc, which are beneficial for overall well being of kids & adults.
MULTIVITAMIN FOR KIDS SUPPORTS IMMUNITY & ENERGY - Multivitamin gummies provide toddlers, children and teens with complete nutritional support in easy to chew, fruit flavoured gummy vitamins which helps boost immunity and helps manage energy levels.
CHILDREN-SPECIFIC: This kids vitamin has essential nutrients and antioxidants to support kids' health. Multimineral Gummies for kids contain essential nutrients which are present in Vegetables, Fruits, Milk. Usually kids avoid eating such kinds of foods, Boldfit Multivitamin supplements for kids are a good replacement.