Lansinoh Pump Valves (1 pack)

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Maymom is proud to launch Lansinoh line of breast pump accessory. Maymom has 5 years of experiences in making high quality breast pump parts compatible with branded companies. You can count on her for the safety and quality of the products. The lip area of the duckbill is reinforced with stronger material so it does not tear as easy. It is designed this way so it will last longer. You might feel a little difference compared to Lansinoh’s duckbill. Please give it more time. You will find this product lasts longer. Furthermore, customer service/satisfaction is Maymom’s Job #1 after the sale. 100% satisfaction or your money back. You can buy Maymom’s products with confidence.
  •  Breast pump valves for Lansinoh pumps; Made by Maymom
  • BPA free; Complies with US FDA regulation for plastics that contact foods
  • Dishwasher toprack safe; Steam safe for sterilization;
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
  • Cleaning note: Wash this piece with hot, soapy water. It is not advisable to insert any object into the valve opening to clean it. This may tear or stretch the part resulting in poor performance. Check the valve frequently for tears.
  • These breast pump valves attach to the flange body (for both Lansinoh® double electric breast pumps or manual breast pump) and works with the diaphragm to ensure proper suction.
  • Lansinoh valve replacements are compatible with Smartpumps, Signature Pro®, and Lansinoh® Manual Breast Pump
  • BPA free
  • Part sold individually