Kin Periokin 0.20% Chlorhexidine D G + 1% Hyaluron, Toothgel, 30ml

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PerioKIN gum gel is intended for use in the oral cavity and around implants, for the prevention of gingivitis, in case of excessive bacterial plaque, before and after oral operations. Very good grip, attaches well to the surfaces of the oral cavity.
PerioKIN products are recommended for the treatment of gingivitis and for 1 week immediately before surgery. After surgery, it is recommended to continue using PerioKIN products directly on the damaged areas or KIN Gingival products for more extensive follow-up treatment.
More detailed prescriptions can be given by a doctor based on the condition of the gums and needs.
After endodontics, root canal treatment.
After the implant is installed.
After curettage, removal of tartar from the periodontal pocket.
After tooth extraction.
Before surgery on the oral cavity for the prevention of gingivitis.
After surgery for the prevention of gingivitis.
In case of excessive bacterial plaque.