The soft, balanced formula of the most delicate gel for the most delicate area of ​​the body, consisting of nonionic surfactantsnatural enzymesnatural extracts and fresh oils, will give you a feeling of absolute comfort and confidence in cleanliness and freshness for the whole day.

It contributes to the instant restoration of the natural microflora of the mucous region and is an excellent means of preventing various bacterial and fungal infections of the intimate zone (in particular, it protects against thrush provocateurs – fungi of Candida albicans).

It maintains a natural level of hydration of the mucosa (especially important for women during menopause and pre-menopause, when the production of sex hormones decreases, resulting in a sharp decrease in the moisture level on the mucosa, which leads to excessive dryness, the appearance of cracks, itching and pain).

The gel is necessary not only for me and you, but also for our magnificent mothers and grandmothers!

LACTIC ACID is one of the most important ingredients in caring for a sensitive area! It provides an organic and weightless protective barrier against pathogens and pathogenic bacteria, and also completely normalizes the pH balance. In addition, it activates and accelerates the process of epidermal renewal due to its keratolytic effect.

Surfactant based on hydrolyzed protein Amaranta gently cleans, without damaging the protective lipid layer of the skin. It does not have irritating and sensitizing effects.

Fruit enzymes of an exotic plant CHERIMOYA possess a foaming property and the most delicate cleansing effect, do not irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Do not injure the natural intimate flora and do not violate the physiological pH level. Preserve lipids of the stratum corneum of the skin and their protective functions.

MAGNOLIA FLOWER EXTRACT possesses high antibacterial activity (against pathogenic bacterial and fungal microflora). And, which is especially important when caring for the area of ​​the intimate zone, it is effective against fungi of the genus Candida albicans, which are the main cause of thrush. In addition, magnolia extract has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties.

ALOE LEAF EXTRACT is the leader among natural moisturizers. The polysaccharides contained in aloe vera effectively moisturize the skin and mucous membranes, and trace elements contribute to moisture retention, reducing transepidermal loss. Aloe extract has an antiseptic effect, promotes the healing of microdamages of the skin and mucous membrane, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

OCTENIDINE HYDROCHLORIDE is a highly effective antibacterial component that has a selective effect (destroys only pathogenic microflora, bypassing the beneficial).

MACADAMIA OIL maintains a healthy state of the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the intimate zone, protects against irritations of various kinds.

OLIVE OIL softens and moisturizes the skin and mucous membrane, normalizes the water-lipid balance.