Ayurvedic Basil ( Tulsi ) Indian Incense Sticks

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What is Tulsi good for? Holy basil or tulsi leaf is one spice that Ayurveda consistently advances and in light of current circumstances. Otherwise called the heavenly basil plant, it’s really a extraordinary fixing that has both inward therapeutic worth and is broadly utilized in skincare. Tulasi leaf most broadly known for its against bacterial and mitigating properties and it’s the spice that will give you beautiful skin in only a couple of long stretches of utilizing it. In the event that you’re charmed by what the fixation on tulsi leaf is about, we’re here to give you a lowdown of the multitude of goodness of tulsi  over skin care and process to use it. well not just for skin, Tulsi leave is complete package of healthy well being. Starting with Stronger Immunity, Reduce fever related infections, Great mom’s remedy for cold & cough , Anti Cancer Properties,  Agent of stress killer, Normalize Blood pressure, Helps for good heart life, Kidney Stones, helps in gastro related disorders etc.

 About item: 

  • This listing is for Ayurvedic incense Sticks
  • The fragrance is Basil
  • There are total 12 packs in this item that include approximately 180 incense Sticks
  • Ayurvedic incenses are hand crafted in India according to traditional formulations of ayurveda
  • Incenses are used for home décor, aroma, meditation and spiritual religious practices.