Iklen Melano - Expert (Anti-Brown Spot), Cream, 15ml

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Noreva Iklen Melano-Expert Concentrated Targeted Anti-Aging & Anti-Dark spot Corrector (Noreva Iklen Melano Expert concentrated cream against age spots) for all skin types.
Noreva Iklen Melano-Expert acts on the mechanisms responsible for skin pigmentation and eliminates brown spots. Thanks to the highly concentrated formula and the steady diffusion of active ingredients, the skin becomes radiant, the complexion is leveled.
The remedy is used to treat pigment spots of epidermal and dermal origin (chloasma, endocrine system imbalance, oral contraceptives, fasting.acne, dermatitis, postoperative consequences, senile lentigo, ephelids "freckles", pigmentation as a result of pronounced photoaging).