Igactive Vitamin Sweet Dreams Rapid is the dietary supplement with melatonin 1mg for faster sleep. The product is made in the form of a mini-tablet for immediate absorption. Contains no preservatives, added sugar, lactose, gluten, and genetically modified ingredients. At the same time, it does not cause side effects at the brewery system. Igactive Vitamin Sweet Dreams Rapid provides quick effect due to contained special components. Valeriana is used for getting rid of nervous irritability; that is the reason why the food supplement is appropriate for long use. Besides, valerian normalizes the heart rate.


You can order the Igactive Vitamin Sweet Dreams Rapid at the ePharmaCY medical store. The food supplement lowers general anxiety, that helps to reduce the symptoms of depression, different mental disorders, and hysteria. A slight decrease in brain activity due to calming helps to focus on important things and not be distracted by disturbing thoughts. Take 1 gel capsule a day 30 minutes before bedtime or due to the specialist's advice. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Ingredients list:

  • melatonin;

  • microcrystalline cellulose;

  • vegetable stearic acid;

  • vegetable cellulose;

  • vegetable magnesium stearate;

  • vegetable glycerin.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Igactive Vitamin Sweet Dreams Rapid helps to relax and calm the mind.

  2. The food supplement helps to reduce pain, especially after long use.

  3. Special components do not overload the kidneys and liver, do not lower the pressure.

  4. Helps get rid of chronic insomnia.


Vitamin Sweet Dreams Rapid is a unique dietary supplement, which can help you fit not only with episodic but chronic insomnia but also with the instability of the emotional background and nervous system. The product contributes to calming your nerves and renewing sleep cycles. The food supplement contains melatonin and L-theanine, necessary for managing the mentioned results. Vitamin Sweet Dreams Rapid, remedy for normalizing sleep schedule, is already available at the ePharmaCY website. Here you will find the best service in Cyprus!