Health Solution Magnesium Salts, Tablets, 60
Health Solution Magnesium Salts, Tablets, 60
Health Solution Magnesium Salts, Tablets, 60

Health Solution Magnesium Salts, Tablets, 60

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Health Solution Magnesium Salts are the vitamins that cause the beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Besides, it improves sleep and memory, increases concentration, cleans cells from toxins, relieves muscle tension, promotes better absorption of nutrients, replenishes the lack of magnesium in the body. Health Solution Magnesium Salts is often used for hair and skin health, increasing metabolic health, reducing muscle ton, and improving blood circulation. Magnesium increases the body's resistance to stress while magnesium deficiency in our body can cause fears, anxiety, nervousness, etc.


Health Solution Magnesium Salt is an active magnesium complex that saturates the body with key trace elements to normalize the functioning of all muscle groups and fills them with useful energy. One capsule of the drug contains everything you need for the daily norm. This food supplement is necessary for the proper functioning of all muscles, effective transmission of nerve impulses, heart rhythm stimulation, protection from the development of vascular diseases. Health Solution Magnesium Salts will be delivered fast by the ePharmaCY team everywhere in Cyprus. Take 1 capsule daily; consult with a doctor if you suffer from renal insufficiency.


Ingredients list:

  • magnesium sulfate;
  • gelatin capsules.


The remedy advantages:

  1. No bitter taste. May be used with a meal.
  2. Normalizes metabolism. The product helps to lose weight.
  3. Removes toxins. Protects from fatigue and muscle spasms.
  4. Effective against high pressure. Health Solution Magnesium Salt table normalizes the heart rhythm.
  5. Prevents blood clots. Helps to maintain muscle cells and the nervous system



Magnesium regulates metabolic processes, muscle excitability, and neurochemical transmission. The remedy should not be used in the case of hypersensitivity or hypermagnesemia. Order the Health Solution Magnesium Salts, and choose the most appropriate payment method on ePharmaCY. Also, compare the product to Solgar Calcium Magnesium Plus Boron, Tablets, 250. We work to ensure that useful goods are quickly delivered to anywhere in Cyprus.