Emerald Health Cholesterol normalizes metabolism, has an active antioxidant effect, restores capillary blood circulation, tissue, and vascular permeability, increases tissue resistance to hypoxia. The remedy helps to prevent high or lower unhealthy cholesterol levels; reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke. The effectiveness of the Emerald Health Cholesterol is explained by correcting the good cholesterol concentration. Besides, the food supplement stimulates the cleansing of blood vessels from fatty deposits, prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques inside the vessels.


Purchasing Emerald Health Cholesterol capsules at the ePharmaCY medical store is possible at any moment. Take 3 capsules a day; the remedy may be taken with or without meals. The supplement product is suitable for vegetarians as far as it does not contain dairy products, sugar, wheat, artificial flavors, etc. Consult your doctor in the case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or allergic reactions to certain components before taking. Keep out of children.


Ingredients list:

  • chromium;

  • flush-free niacin;

  • garlic powder;

  • RYR-VA red yeast rice;

  • Coenzyme Q10.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Based on natural components.

  2. Prevents the cardiovascular system from numerous diseases.

  3. All the ingredients are given in the purest form.

  4. Contains two types of individual ingredients.

  5. Convenient package: contains 30 caps for the 10-day course.


Emerald Health Cholesterol is useful for the prevention of atherosclerotic lesions on the background of unfavorable heredity. In some cases, the medicine is recommended for the treatment of existing atherosclerosis and its complications. The food supplement does not increase the secretion of bile acids and does not suppress cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Ordering Emerald Health Cholesterol is possible in Cyprus with the help of the ePharmaCY. Pleasant prices and the best service are provided!