Gum Activital Family Set (Sp. Offer), Pack, 3+3

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GUM Activital Toothpaste Q10 75ml
Its formula combines several ingredients:
- Ginger and bisabolol to strengthen teeth and gums,
- Coenzyme Q10 and pomegranate for their antioxidant properties,
- Fluorine, isomalt and an innovative anti-plaque system, which provide a long lasting protection against the formation of plaque and against caries.

GUM Activital Toothbrush Compact Soft 581

The micro-thin bristles gently penetrate into all crevices - including interdental areas and below the gumline - to remove plaque without the abrasive damage of regular bristles. 

The unique tufting pattern is clinically designed for deeper cleaning between the teeth and along the gumline to prevent the development of gum disease

  • Triangular shaped tufts to fit bristles between the teeth where gum disease originates.
  • Rectangular shaped tufts designed for superior gumline cleaning and massaging of the gums.

Sunstar Gum Junior Toothbrush Soft Monster 7-9 years

  • Cushioned head adapted to the child’s age protects the teeth and gums
  • Soft bristles gently remove plaque and the center ones indicate the right dose of toothpaste.
  • Ergonomic handle with thumbpad for good grip.
  • Fun monster design with suction cup to keep bristles clean

GUM Junior Toothpaste 7-12 years Tutti-Frutti 50ml

  • Gentle toothpaste offering maximum caries prevention for children 
  • Patented combination of Fluoride (1450ppm) + Isomalt increasing the enamel remineralization for stronger new permanent teeth
  • Very gentle formula: paraben-free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-free and limonene-free
  • Gel texture
  • Narrow hole to dispense the right amount of toothpaste
  • Low abrasiveness
  • Tutti-frutti flavour