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  • Provides special care against cellulite, can be used in different areas - thighs, abdomen, buttocks, forearms.
  • Provides an intense "warming - cooling" effect to stimulate subcutaneous microcirculation. The stick has a special dispenser to control the application of the product to the areas most often prone to cellulite formation: thighs, stomach, buttocks, forearms.
  • Contains GUAM seaweed, extracted through the special GUAM Bioactivity process.
  • Causes the antioxidant effect of the seaweed; stronger than that of the traditional extract.
  • The complex action of this algae in the composition of the product is combined with the extract of Garcinia Cambodia, caffeine, bitter orange, contributes to a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite, remodeling of the silhouette, counteracts free radicals, keeping the skin from oxidation and cellular aging.

How to use:

Swipe the applicator several times, paying special attention to problem areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen, forearms).  Do not rinse. Apply only to dry, intact skin.  Do not use immediately after shower and / or on hot skin, do not go out in the sun after the procedure. Slight redness of the skin, active tingling, a feeling of warming up the skin are allowed.


  • GUAM algae extract (Laminaria digitata)
  • garcinia cambogia fruit extract
  • caffeine
  • bitter orange extract
  • methyl nicotinate