For Men Complexe Dynamisant, Caps, 60

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The complex More than multivitamins enriches the male body with vitamins, minerals and special substances necessary specifically for men's health. For many modern men, success in business is their "calling card". They are ready to put everything on the altar of a career: rest, sleep and even their own health. As a result, today, even in young men, doctors are increasingly seeing a decline in strength, chronic fatigue, depression - conditions that affect sexual health. Is it possible not only not to lose, but even to strengthen your health by maintaining an intense pace of life? Yes, you can! To do this, it must be remembered that with the modern rhythm of life, no modern diet can provide full support for the male body and it needs a constant source of additional vitamins, macronutrients and substances contained in extracts of medicinal plants. For maximum effect, all these components should be selected in strictly defined combinations and doses. It is for this purpose that a complex More than multivitamins was developed. It contains 20 vitamins, 11 minerals and 4 extracts of special medicinal plants. The complex is More than multivitamins designed for modern men and contains all the necessary substances to strengthen men's health, increase immunity, normalize the prostate gland and improve potency. Daily intake of an enhanced complex More than multivitamins will ensure well-being and help a man stay active and hardy in all spheres of life!