Moisturizing Face Cream Multi-Active adapts to individual skin needs. The Cream contents red algae extractmango and shea buttervitamins E and B3 – more than 30 natural ingredients in total. Light creamy texture will be a comfortable base for make-up and will be comfortable even for sensitive skin. A special filter in the cream protects against UV radiation, and hyaluronic acid maintains the moisture balance in the skin throughout the day.

PHOSPHOLIPIDS and SPHINGOLIPIDS help strengthen the skin’s barrier functions.

RED ALGAE EXTRACT is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging, restores the physiological functions of the skin, activating cell renewal.

ARNICA FLOWER EXTRACT increases resistance to negative factors; activates blood circulation, which stimulates the outflow of lymph, eliminating edema.

MANGO OIL helps stabilize cell respiration and lipid metabolism in the skin.

JAPANESE SWERTIA EXTRACT has a skin-soothing effect.

JAPANESE CAMELIA OIL (WINTER CHERRY) compensates for damage caused by dryness due to exposure to the sun, wind and other adverse environmental factors.

ROSE EXTRACT calms irritated skin, stimulates tissue regeneration, normalizes the sebaceous glands.

CHICORIUM LEAVES EXTRACT accelerates the healing process of microdamages.

BRAZIL NUT OIL prevents the effects of the harmful effects of frost and ultraviolet radiation, softens rough areas and increases the elasticity of the epidermis.

ASH ROOT EXTRACT has antimicrobial properties and also perfectly tones the skin.

SOYBEAN OIL increases the skin’s water-holding ability, and also creates a protective barrier that protects it from drying out and aggressive environmental influences.

TOKOPHEROL (VITAMIN E) antioxidant with pronounced anti-aging properties, improves cell regeneration.

MALTODEXTRIN helps to reduce facial wrinkles.

VITAMIN H / B7 tone the skin and increases its strength.

DIATOM EARTH aligns the microrelief of the skin.

SILANTHRIOL – a product of enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat, soy and corn protein – moisturizes the skin and protects against moisture loss.

EXTRACT OF ROSEMARY LEAVES tones and refreshes.

HONEY, due to its organic acids, improves desquamation of dead cells.

LECITHIN increases the permeability of the skin and promotes the penetration of other components into the deeper layers of the tissue, restores damaged cells, improves their protective functions.

LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT protects against age spots, has a regenerating effect, relieves irritation and swelling, soothes the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis.

MENTOL reduces the activity of inflammatory processes on the skin.

PANTHENOL deeply moisturizes and stimulates the healing of skin lesions.

HYALURONIC ACID tightens and moisturizes, maintaining an optimal level of moisture in the cells throughout the day.

XANTAN RESIN creates a light, imperceptible film on the skin that protects the epidermis from tightening, without being absorbed by the skin.

VITAMIN B3 increases skin hydration and reduces TEPV (transepidermal moisture loss).

SUNFLOWER SEED OIL promotes elasticity, deeply moisturizes and softens.

SORBITOL helps the skin retain its own moisture and additionally moisturizes it due to environmental factors. In combination with other moisturizing components in the composition of a cosmetic product, its properties are multiplied.

Refreshing your face with Enzyme Gel, apply a pea-sized amount of cream to your face. Gently touch the skin from the center of the face to the outside. After activate the effect by gently patting the skin with warm fingertips.

On a thin, like silk, skin under the eyes, apply a very small portion of the cream with your ring finger. Barely touching, in a circular motion, apply the cream to the lower eyelid first, then the upper one. With light, barely noticeable tweaks, stimulate microcirculation and drainage. Under the influence of skin warmth and a delicate massage, the cream texture will merge with the skin, give it the freshness of youth and smooth it, making your look even more open and attractive.