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Eva Normal Ph3, Vaginal Douche, 147ml

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Eva Normal Ph3 is the specially designed disposable vaginal wash for effective cleaning and rejuvenation of the intimate area. It also preserves the acidic vaginal environment due to the contained vinegar and effectively removes secretions from the vagina. The product does not contain vinegar, hormones, or drugs: that is why it is suitable even for those women who have sensitive skin. Eva Normal Ph maintains acid-base balance, does not provoke the killing of beneficial bacteria. The vaginal douche contains lactic acid, natural extracts, and mild surfactants. The product does not contain fragrances; it means that it does not dry out the mucous membrane.


If you need to order Eva Normal Ph3, you are welcome to the ePharmaCY medical store. You need two vaginal washes per week (with a period of 3 days, between two applications) for getting a feeling of cleanliness and coolness. As it was mentioned, Eva Normal Ph3 does not contain vinegar and hormones. The pH level is 3.0.


Ingredients list:

  • thyme;

  • azantirakta;

  • chamomile;

  • three-part burdock;

  • sage;

  • aloe vera;

  • rosemary;

  • witch hazel;

  • panthenol.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Eva Normal Ph3 is saturated with minerals, does not contain parabens, dyes, and soap.

  2. Gently cleanses without overdrying, may be used during pregnancy.

  3. Maintains acid-base balance.

  4. Has a soft cleansing texture.


This vaginal douche is aimed to normalize the vaginal pH balance. Eva Normal Ph3 package is disposable. It is easy to use with maximum safety due to the special nozzle. Eva Normal Ph3, the vaginal douche, is already available at the ePharmaCY website. Here you will find the best service in Cyprus!