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Eva Lax Chamomile, Suppositories, 10

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Eva Lax Chamomile are specially designed anal suppositories with effervescent action that softens stools most easily and painlessly. The effect is provided with microbubbles that release gradually. Due to the chamomile extract that suppositories contain, they immediately relieve the irritated intestinal lumen and reduce the burning and pain sensation in the anal sphincter. Eva Lax Chamomile is easy to use and safe. They are recommended in a case if stagnation of waste substances formed in the rectum, sigmoid, and cecum; in a case of weak muscles in the pelvic region, which are responsible for bowel movements.


If you need to order Eva Lax Chamomile, you are welcome to the ePharmaCY medical store. The product is especially useful if it is impossible to use other remedies when some drugs cannot be taken orally. For example, for pregnant women, babies, the elderly. Remove the protective casing before use. Take suppositories for relieving symptoms.


Ingredients list:

  • glycerol;

  • macrogol 400;

  • stearic acid 95;

  • sodium carbonate decahydrate.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Provides quick effect. Symptoms will disappear within a few hours

  2. Softens stool, helping to facilitate removal and eliminate the pain.

  3. Prevents different diseases, including hemorrhoids.

  4. Does not cause side effect on the gastrointestinal tract.


Eva Lax Chamomile suppositories is a laxative that is effective and safe for inducing bowel movement. The duration of use should not exceed 7 days. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor individually for each patient, taking into account the characteristics of the disease, the tolerability of the drug, and the achieved therapeutic effect. Eva Lax Chamomile, the effective suppositories, are already available at the ePharmaCY website. Here you will find the best service in Cyprus!