Enterofytol Tilman caps have the anti-inflammatory action. The remedy may be used for the treatment and prevention of stomach, intestines, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, and other diseases of organs involved in food processing and waste elimination. Turmeric is effective while treating poisoning and diarrhea. It is also important to know that Enterofytol Tilman food supplement improves blood circulation and normalizes blood sugar levels. The remedy is based on components that improve metabolism and promote weight loss. Besides, it 

is effective against coughing attacks, eliminates pain and sore throat strengthens the immunity.


Enterofytol Tilman food supplement in the form of caps is essential for your body and may be ordered at the ePharmaCY medical store. The recommended course if for two months: 2 capsules two times a day during the first month, and 1 capsule two times a day during the next month. The remedy should not be taken instead of a healthy balanced diet. Enterofytol Tilman caps are recommended for adults and children over 12 y.o. The remedy should be used in a case of obstruction of the ways billionaires.


Ingredients list:

  • emulsifier polysorbate 80;

  • curcumin;

  • fennel;

  • gelatin;

  • glycerol;

  • water;

  • oxide iron red;

  • black iron oxide.


The remedy advantages:

  1. Normalizes acidity and restores microflora.

  2. Contributes to good gallbladder work.

  3. Promotes tissue regeneration.

  4. Prevents the spread of cancer cells.

  5. Normalizes digestion.


Enterofytol Tilman improves bowel function, normalizes metabolism, helps to eliminate the symptoms of indigestion, dysbiosis, poisoning. Tilman is known as a natural antibiotic. It helps fight bacteria, viruses, and infections, but does not disrupt the natural intestinal microflora. Enterofytol Tilman is always available in Cyprus in the ePharmaCY medical store. We will be glad to see you there!