Elgydium Kit Sensitive+m/wash+t/br, Dental Care x 500ml+75ml

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Properties :

ELGYDIUM Sensitive is a gentle toothpaste in gel form, which effectively cleans the teeth and protects against harmful aggressive agents. This toothpaste is ideal for people who suffer from dental hypersensitivity and have pain when consuming foods that are cold or hot, sweet or sour. Research has proven that Elgydium Sensitive helps to reduce dental hypersensitivity after 8 days of use.


Properties :

Elgydium Clinic Sensileave Gel dental gel protects against dental hypersensitivity and offers quick relief.  ELGYDIUM Clinic Sensileave is a protective gel, which offers immediate relief from the pain of sensitive teeth, fast and enhanced action, which strengthens over time, creating a protective barrier that strengthens and protects the enamel.

With mint flavor for a pleasant feeling of freshness. Research has proven that there is a significant pain reduction of 36.8% one hour after application and 81% pain reduction after 28 days of use.


Properties :

The ELGYDIUM Clinic Sensitive toothbrush has conical bristles and is ideal for people with sensitive teeth or sensitive, irritated gums. The very thin and soft tips with a diameter of 1/100mm enter the gingival crevice removing plaque without irritating the gums, while the fibers with a larger diameter (18/100mm) at the base offer greater stability for effective mechanical plaque removal.

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