Elgydium Clinic Xeroleave, Mouthspray, 70ml

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Elgydium Clinic Xeroleave Spray Lubricating Spray 70ml is a lubricating spray that alleviates and protects the mouth, ideal to alleviate the oral dryness combined to a lack of saliva from medicine origin or radio-therapeutic origin and oral dryness from old persons.
Elgydium Clinic Xeroleave is efficient thanks to the Mouth Lubricating Complex, a patented complex that covers the whole oral mucous and forms a lubricating and humectant film.
Rapidly, these discomforts linked to the oral dryness are less present, the mouth is lubricated and the mucous are protected from aggression.
The xylitol present in the formula contributes to protect from demineralization and allows to keep a good oral health.