Elgydium Anti-Plaque Citron(Orange), Mouthwash, 500ml

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Therapeutic and prophylactic toothpaste ELGYDIUM ANTI-PLAQUE removes plaque and tartar from the surface of the enamel and prevents their formation again. Due to the content of chlorhexidine 0.004%, it has a bacteriostatic effect. This concentration helps to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, while not disturbing the microflora of the mouth. Helps to avoid inflammation of the gums, gingivitis and bleeding. Toothpaste from plaque and tartar ELGYDIUM ANTI-PLAQUE was developed by French scientists in the research center of the company - the innovator Pierre Fabre. The direction of the company, which is called Pierre Fabre Oral Care, is famous for its scientific approach to the production of therapeutic and prophylactic products aimed at improving the oral cavity and maintaining hygiene at the proper level.