Econord Sesame Oil 100 ml

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 ECONORD Sesame oil / Oleum Sesamum, 100ml

This is a popular cold-pressed oil.
A valuable cosmetic oil used for the care of dry, wrinkled, flaky or aging skin.
The oil contains vitamin E, eight essential amino acids, minerals, protein, lecithin.
It is well tolerated by skin cells, the oil acts as an antioxidant and significantly slows down cell aging.
In cosmetology, it is used to activate lipid metabolism and restore the protective functions of the epidermis.
It is a natural sunscreen and a unique moisturizer.
Softens the skin and restores its protective functions.

Used for scalp massage and hair strengthening.

  • The best massage oil for Ayurvedic lovers, it is useful for all skin types and is especially recommended for dry and withered skin, as well as for face and body massages
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Composition: 100% sesame oil
  • Volume: 100 ml
  • Expiry date:  2 years from the moment of opening