Econord Castor oil 100 ml

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"Econord" products effectively clean the skin and have a positive effect on health, besides, they have a natural and healthy composition, a wonderful aroma and a pleasant consistency. For skin improvement. This wonderful oil nourishes, strengthens and softens dry, sensitive, mature skin and can be used as a facial cleanser. Due to its healing properties, castor oil prevents skin irritation, treats burns, inflammations and abrasions.

ECONORD castor cosmetic oil / Castor oil, 100ml

It has an antimicrobial, stimulating effect.
The oil strengthens hair roots and improves their structure.
It softens, nourishes the hair and scalp, removes dandruff, acts as a means of increasing hair volume.
In order for eyelashes and eyebrows to be long and soft, they also need maintenance.
In the morning and in the evening, they should be combed from the bottom up with a brush smeared with castor oil.
Then eyelashes and eyebrows shine more and grow better.
Care should be taken not to get the oil in the eyes.

For external use only.

100% castor oil.