Dr. Muller

Dr. Muller Panthecare 7% H A, Cream, 100ml

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Dr. Muller Pharma Panthenol HA Cream with 7% Dexpanthenol effectively moisturizes, relieves, soothes and regenerates skin exposed to the sun, wind or frost. Directions: apply a sufficient amount of the cream to the clean skin. Leave to absorb, do not wipe off. Repeat several times a day as needed. New product series Panthenol HA contain also hyaluronic acid. Panthenol and hyaluronic acid are potent binders of water, help to maintain the elasticity of the skin and accelerate the skin regeneration after exposure to sun. Panthenol or pantothenic acid are necessary for the preservation of the healthy complexion, beautiful hair and nails. The lack of panthenol has highly negative effects on the skin: the reduction of its elasticity, faster ageing process and progression of wrinkles; on the hair – the deterioration of its quality, loss of its shine and higher fragility. For the said reasons, panthenol is highly utilized in cosmetic applications. Panthenol concentration is also of high importance factor.